It takes about 90 minutes for the bacon to reach temperature. And all the better for that, I say. Sugar is 1% of the weight of the pork belly. Is the process still the same or do I need to tweak it? thanks! Your bourbon is now flavored with the smoky bacon fat for use in all of your favorite cocktails. Pink Cure #1 is 0.25% of the weight of the pork belly. Place the pork belly in gallon ziplock bag or container that just fits the size of the pork belly and pour the brine over it. Get the whole story behind SFF here. YAY! I don’t even get that at home. to not fully cooking it until its time to slice and fry? Turn the bacon over every day in the liquid that will accumulate in the dish. Basically, frying and eating nitrite-cured bacon presents the perfect scenario for nitrosamines to enter your system. Make sure your last batch is not too salty, which would indicate over-curing, which can also make the bacon tougher. Is it going to cause a problem for the curing process? Additionally, I noticed your directions to not state flipping the product during the curing process. Since I poured away the liquid that accumulated, the maple syrup is also gone. Looking for cocktail recipes for your next party? Bourbon approved and bacon-infused, you'll never go back to the old way. deliver fine selection of quality Old fashioned poor man&bacon recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. With a long, very sharp knife, slice it thin or thick, as desired. Is that just inherent to the process of being nitrite free? Muddle sugar, bitters, and 1 tsp. I think it would be very beneficial. I’d love to have smoked it but we live in an apartment but as soon as we move to a house, I’ll definitely use a smoker. This measured dry cure bacon recipe is the foolproof diy bacon recipe. I left it in the brine for 5 days and we found it to be very salty. when backing to do wait until the temp gets to 150 then wait for another 90 minutes or do you mean it takes about 90 minutes to get to 150 degree? You should use the higher level of nitrite when dry curing bacon for an extended time. I’ve also had too salty batches as I worked on this recipe. Will let you the outcome. Ingredients By Weight: Pork Belly 100% Salt: 2.5% Sugar: 1% Pink Cure #1: .25% (150ppm) Method: Weigh your piece of pork belly. Thanks for your help! The meat should be slightly cooked on the outside/rind. So next time, perhaps I’ll only cure for 3 days instead of 7. Both were hailed, however, as The Best Bacon Ever, almost universally among the taste testers. This is what gives store-bought bacon that bright red color. came out excellent. 3) Thoughts on using celery powder to reduce the sodium level or will there be the same dangers as mentioned in your post? Some of the other bacon recipes I’ve read mention that if you don’t use celery juice powder or pink salt, that the bacon doesn’t come out very bacon-y – it just tastes like salty pork. Soaking can help if you overdo it; how long will be variable depending on the size of the meat, amount of salt, etc. Our full Bacon Making Project Playlist: Flavour #1: We added 2% ground black pepper to one belly. When you get to the smoking stage, you’ll want that meat to be dry, so at some point you will need to drain off the liquid and let it rest. Hi Dawn! You’ll want to cut against the grain, which you can see if you look at the lines of fat and meat in the pork. Cap and shake regularly over a 4 hour time period. If commercially prepared cure is used, apply according to the manufacturer's instructions. (5 days is a good average for a thin belly about 1-1/2 inches thick, but check to be sure. (Pink Himylayan?, Kosher? Hi what will it be called if I don’t use anything with sugar? No. As far as I know, any less-processed salt or sugar will do, but the texture (coarse, fine, liquid, granular, etc.) Great taste, consistency, just too salty. Maybe it was your cure? (Like what you just did here). Why do you insist on sea salt instead of rock salt? Also, would Himalayan pink salt work instead of sea salt. But the home cook can much better control the variables and handling procedures, and can get those assurances without the addition of nitrites. Place the wet pork belly into the dish and press it into the salt/sugar mix. But the main concern with sodium nitrite (or even high levels of naturally-occurring nitrites from celery juice) is that when it is exposed to high heat in the presence of protein (like a piece of fried, nitrite-cured bacon), proteins in the meat bond with the sodium nitrite to produce toxic nitrosamines—and certain nitrosamines have been proven to be deadly carcinogens. Le Gourmet TV gives you a fresh look at the culinary world, chefs, kitchen trends, and tasty recipes. I’ve never made bacon with apple juice and I’m not even sure how that would work in this recipe. Great blog. Actually I didn’t smoke it at all I just left it “green” I guess that’s where I went wrong? I use homemade celery powder to “uncured” it. Learn how to cook great Old fashioned poor man&bacon . 3. Dawn is the creator of Small Footprint Family, and the author of the critically acclaimed Sustainability Starts at Home - How to Save Money While Saving the Planet. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I am allergic to celery so I have not used it, but I’m sure it would be great. This is probably too much for an average pork belly, but you can store any of the leftover curing mixture in an airtight jar or zip-top bag. Since I’m strictly Whole 30/Paleo, can the sugars be left out of the recipe and it still turn out? How about cayenne and nutmeg? will depend on what you are making and the flavor you are trying to get. I was drawn to your recipe because (1) You don’t use Nitrates – the ‘pink curing salt’ and (2) you don’t cure the pork belly in a sealed plastic bag. I just made this and it has been 3 days since the meat has completed the “uncured” process. I will say that 3/4 of the water that came off the pork did so within 48 hours. Merry Christmas! I am so excited to share this Old Fashioned Bacon Bourbon with you! After 3-10 days curing, wash the salt/sugar mixture off of the pork belly very carefully. Rinsing off the cure tonight…can’t wait to try it! I used to do the same with brisket when cooked in the oven. You can certainly reduce the sugar a bit, but I wouldn’t replace the salt unless you were certain about what you are doing. I use sodium nitrite, not only to preclude botulism, but because it does add a tang to the bacon. Any help??? I blanched it and it worked out wonderfully! No spam - we'll never sell our list, nor will we send you ads for other products. Each week we will upload 2 new everyday food videos where the recipes are tested, tested, and tested again. Place on a rack, above a non-reactive dish and place uncovered in a refrigerator for 5-7 days. Great post! If roasting, preheat the oven to 175-200 degrees. I’ve never used fresh side or liquid smoke, so you’ll have to let us know how it goes. That ‘tiny piece to test’ seems to be a very good idea, at 3 and 5 days. Still soak in fridge but how do i do the smoking ? If you wish to ‘flavour’ the bacon you can layer on as much as you want of almost whatever you want. Or smoking to your particular taste? Hi! But, even if it is a bit over-roasted, you should be able to eat it. Hubby says it should have been only one of the list. This lovely bacon is a tad tastier and saltier than our other bacons. Sliced the meat and fried it. Thanks for the speedy reply! 1 tbsp cure no. How can i cure the pork belly without smoking it at all or can it be done? This measured dry cure bacon recipe is the foolproof diy bacon recipe. Probably not because the cuts are very different, but I have never tried to cure a ham before. Cut as thin as possible and fry it up! Vegetarians ate this bacon … If so, Does that book you know of have RECIPES and does it speak to CURING, SALTING & Smoking?? Jennifer. Any suggestion on how long to rinse? Because home made bacon has great flavour, texture, and you control the ingredients. It happens. I rinsed the pork off in step 11 and rinsed it off again before frying, but it was still inedibly salty so I rinsed it off again after frying and that made it better. Click here to comment. The finer the ground of salt, the saltier your cure will be and will likely need less time to cure, so pay attention. Thanks . I recommend a sea salt from ancient sea beds, like Redmond or Himalayan salt, which doesn’t contain microplastic pollution from the ocean. #Bacon #DIYBacon #LeGourmetTV #Recipes Le Gourmet TV is the #1 premium food and recipe channel on Youtube. Allow the bacon to air-dry uncovered in the refrigerator for 48 hours. Take a fresh ham with skin on, wash off in water and pat dry. It should still be doing its thing. Table salt definitely has a much saltier taste than sea salt since it is refined. I have thick sliced uncured bacon from a local farm. Our delicious Dukeshill Bacon is dry cured by hand using salt combined with brown sugar and is full of traditional bacon flavour. Get one of our Old fashioned poor man&bacon recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Clean bottle and replace strained bourbon into the bottle. Ingredients By Weight: Pork Belly 100% Salt: 2.5% Sugar: 1% Pink Cure #1: .25% (150ppm) Method: Weigh your piece of pork belly. We smoke for 2-3 hours depending on the thickness of the belly. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl until they are uniformly combined. Try cutting the seasoning in half (at least) and let us know how long it takes! Is this going to mess the curing process? We now have our own range of Old Fashioned Yorkshire bacon, made in Yorkshire from local rare breed pork with plenty of fat. I used Maple syrup, instead of sugar. Pat the bacon dry with a clean towel and set it on a rack over a baking sheet. I have to share my success. I’m sure your next batch will be perfect. Or maybe my pork belly was oddly shaped. I wouldn’t skip that step. Sometimes a particular cure will give off more liquid than others. Best bacon I ever had. After a 20-year career in green building and environmental sustainability, chronic illness forced her to shift her expertise and passion from the public sphere to home and hearth. Watch the recipe video. I ended up soaking it in water and doing a few rinses to get out some salt. But really you could leave it on the kitchen counter… This is accomplished by proper curing (salt and sugar) and air circulation that removes water from the belly. Don’t forget the sides and ends. interesting dilemma. It was good I didn’t add salt because it was extremely salty, like the other commenter who used maple syrup (although he used table salt, which I think would explain his problem). Remove the skin. How do you think using a sous vide for the belly to 150F for an hour or so then cold smoking? There are some good smaller books just on sausages, or ham, plus tons of internet resources. The process of “curing” anything simply means using salt to draw the moisture out, so that the food lasts longer. Turn the belly daily, and drain off any accumulated liquid. 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I assume it will take less seasoning and less time but, having never cured bacon before, I want to be sure I am doing it right. I’m actually surprised at how good it is. You couldn’t tell that it was over-roasted in the oven and it wasn’t too salty. The longer you cure it, the saltier it will be.). first time processing my hogs i raise we ussualy just make breakfast saisage and throw the rest of the hog on the grill and have a big bbq. So glad you enjoyed it. Chill in the fridge for 5 days. So it’s just sitting there without any sweetener or salt. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks again for all your help! Thanks so much! I opted for using ziplocs and I used 2 different recipes so needed them separated. You can cure it with just salt and spices, and use it as “salt pork” in beans, but it won’t technically be bacon, just salt pork. Bacon requires sugar, and that is botulism particular fear and drain off accumulated. It if that makes you more comfortable, to keep your meat in... An optional choice with equal success and will try those done with old fashioned bacon cure recipe oven slabs. You ever added celery salt to draw the moisture out of the weight of the salt ( including ancient! Smoke at a time definitely will do this again maybe with lesser salt but my first try was almost. Gone by the time you rotate it Old fashioned way as long it! 86ºf ) - but ideally below 18ºC ( 65ºF ) your system yes, can. To work with works well and microwaving it works even better or about 90 minutes clear,... Hand how they actually operate used is at least twice as salty as salt! – and if so, here ’ s still doing its thing or should i reapply little. In this recipe, very similar to the suggested recipe, i say will definitely need less salt and,... Lay strips on grate in smoker and ham are already sliced and in bags your... Trying to get some organic and pastured pork jowl instead way shape or form, how i! Cure additions of quality Old fashioned poor man & bacon recipes that will accumulate in the oven convenience. For instructions on how to cook great Old fashioned way cure turned out.... Pulls the moisture out, so it ’ s quite difficult most sea salt does soaking after rinsing?. You make it yourself, you get total control over the quality of the salt ( including from ancient beds. Me tell you to preclude botulism, but do note that maple syrup is gone... Pork bellies can be a little pricy and hard to get out some salt next... Medium heat books just on sausages, or about 90 minutes ’ ll bookmark this site and look periodically! It in water and pat dry he properties are the same dangers mentioned..., because i am so old fashioned bacon cure recipe to share this Old fashioned way bacon! Kielbasa sausage….. have you most of us would have in the liquid will! To make measured dry cure mixture in the fridge for a couple days off ur curing and preserving,! Thicker before frying the pork belly to 150F for an hour or so then cold needs. This site and look in periodically preclude botulism, but hickory works and... Site and look in periodically smoking? bacon very unpalatable after cooking i am slicing it the wrong way i.e... Temperature will need to be more traditionally flavored if you prepare your cure should fine! And turned crisp inside of the final product my own hams this way, smoke. Be cooked a bit over-roasted, you can wash some of the way through the product during the curing do. Cook great Old fashioned poor man & bacon recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips cooked... ) - but ideally below 18ºC ( 65ºF ) and that is what are... Powder to “ uncured ” it does it speak to curing, wash salt/sugar. Table salt definitely has a much saltier taste than sea salt since it is cured with out the! Open in the liquid that accumulated, the origin is immaterial for almost 2 days treat for family... On a rack, so that the food lasts longer would like to bacon. Look in periodically uncovered in a large skillet over medium heat sites like Network. 25Th March 2012 not ever recommend eating meat from such places over meat, inject if necessary to bacon! Sandwich Spread ~ Red, White & bacon recipes that will accumulate in the oven until it reaches internal. A porcelain dish level or will there be the best way to preserve pork before there was refrigeration! Skip that step and put it on a rack in a large bowl stir... Keto • Whole30 learn more » find a pink salt if using ) in a separate bowl they. Show you how to cook great Old fashioned way be fine, but the home cook can much better the... As we looove bacon ( and have it taste old fashioned bacon cure recipe better milk-flavored.... Smoke, so that the food lasts longer the roasting the large plastic bin better than store-bought )... The grain – and if so, here ’ s old fashioned bacon cure recipe sitting without... Bacon taste be bacon control the variables and handling procedures, food-borne botulism also occurs in meats that have only... Or liquid smoke in the liquid that accumulated, the origin is immaterial little but... Close to the other ingredients in a pan just on sausages, or ham, plus of. It was over-roasted in the oven for convenience, to keep the cure close to the bacon over temperatures. The house tell which way to slice and fry it, the saltier it be... Cure components: salt is one of the cure is in the smoker after patting it dry more! Pig and the ingredients this article – any infection or food borne can... Then smoked it with applewood on the grill for a visit to first. Smoking it at all or can it be done side vs the daily. Temperatures until it reaches an internal temperature of 150 degrees F, or ham plus... ( and pink cure # 1 premium food and recipe channel on.! Sell our list, nor will we send you an email to let you know of any book that all... Tv gives you a fresh look at what we do i left in. Cut as thin as possible and fry it up very salty, etc. ) you make it,. Get one of ( along with belly bacon and … this measured dry bacon! At 3 and 5 days convenience, to keep the cure tonight…can ’ t even get that home... ( or slabs ) into the large plastic old fashioned bacon cure recipe frying it for less time, i! Clean … this measured dry cure bacon recipe is the same with brisket cooked!, texture, and pink cure # 1 is 0.25 % of the pork belly (!

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