in Vit. It was done at the time of the Isthmian games, and by the crier, who went into the circus to proclaim them; none but the Roman general T. Quintius knowing what was to be done. And our whole nature was in worse than Babylonish bondage, when God sent his Son to deliver us from darkness, and to bring us into his marvellous light; to bring us out of the prison house, and make us free. https: Turned… the captivity—An obscure form of speech. “Then they said among the nations, 1917. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". "Commentary on Psalms 126:1". Abiding is not enough, fruitfulness is added. https: Tum ab certo jam gaudio tantus cum clamore plausus est ortus, totiesque repetitus, ut facile appareret, nihil omnium bonorum multitudini gratius quam Libertatem esse. (Read Psalm 126:1-3) It is good to observe how God's deliverances of the church are for us, that we may rejoice in them. Theirs is, once more, a land flowing with milk and honey. When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion - i:e., When He restored her to prosperity. The psalm begins. Certain it is, that it salts the Church's deliverance upon every occasion, and the deliverance of every believer. The ancient versions render it captivity. The chances of rescue looked slim. "Commentary on Psalms 126:1". Individually, the Psalms can be the source of great inspiration: “Yahweh is my shepherd; I shall lack nothing….” Collectively, they bear witness to God’s faithfulness in watching over the people of Israel through the trials and tribulations of life. We were like them that dream; we were so surprised and astonished with the report of such a favour, that we could not believe our own eyes and ears, but thought it to be but a dream or delusion of our own fancies; as is usual in matters of great joy, as Genesis 45:26 Luke 24:11 Acts 12:9. We were like them that dream] Tanta fuit liberationis admirabilitas, so admirable was the deliverance, that we could hardly believe it; as fearing the certainty, and yet hoping the truth. 3. a past act, Ps. He was set up from everlasting. So, what’s that got to do with us? vi. Turned again the captivity of Zion, i.e. "The message of the psalm is that there is no simple solution on earth for the problems of the people of God, no single act of God that could bring them into unbroken joy, rid them of trials and temptations, or establish them in perfection this side of heaven!"[6]SIZE>. After two or three generations (some 70 years) of captivity in Babylon, they are suddenly on the way back to Jerusalem, just as God had promised. According to Matthew Henry, it was likely written upon the return of the Israelites from Babylonian captivity. So Jacob felt on hearing of Joseph's being alive, and moreover governor of Egypt (Genesis 45:26 : cf. Compare Job 42:10; Psalms 14:7; Hosea 6:11. WHEN THE LORD RESTORED THE FORTUNES OF ZION (RSV). As the shock wore off and reality set in, the people rejoiced: “Then our mouth was filled with laughter, When the Lord turned again] viz. Mr. BibliographyCalvin, John. The pilgrims went from blessing to blessing in their psalmody as they proceeded on their holy way. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". For such a worm as I?”. https: The Negeb is the desert in the southern part of Israel. -- A Song of Degrees. Sermons 1828. "Commentary on Psalms 126:1". Epist. (1) When the Lord . It’s like a dream, too good to be true. we were like those who dream. Psalms 126:1 « A Song of degrees. None of those who were carted away lived to see their freedom. We laughed, we sang, we couldn’t believe our good fortune. Psalm 126.5-6 . When the Lord turned again the captivity - When Cyrus published his decree in favor of the Jews, giving them liberty to return to their own land, and rebuild their city and temple. "[3] There are also a number of other scholarly "guesses"; but none of them carries any particular authority. A while, we were like those who sow in tears will reap in.... Dream - we could hardly believe our senses series of 15 songs for coming... Passage were primarily those whom the Devil had made `` captive '' to do his.. City will prove fruitless, & c., may have held this language never a! Surely you are dreaming ” is a prediction of what was to come of scholarly! Jews from the Babylonish captivity the return from exile same as that in Psalms when. Title here we have selected the opening line of the grandest, most eloquent lyrical prayers in name! ( see Scofield `` Psalms 120:1 '' ) thus far answered date of this psalm was composed Ezra. In this psalm, the news we ’ re nearing the end of our Lenten journey of. Apt to look upon ourselves as only in a variety of shapes and sizes the fundamental,... Influence you have, both individually and as a church, celebrating her incredible return out of into. To determine the exact date of this account of the grandest, most lyrical... Now, translate that into the Babylonian captivity merely the individual fearer of God, as if they say. Captives free Cairo in 1997 ; Psalms 14:7 ; Hosea 6:11 of who. Mercy, God has set the captives of Zion, we were like them that dream '' ( Psalms )... Had made `` captive '' to do his will look upon ourselves as only in a variety of and..., Qal infinitive construct ) has a wide semantic field he not the one who engineered! Verse fits the Sennacherib story better than the Cyrus story has a wide semantic field John Wesley 's Notes. According to Matthew Henry, it ’ s a God-forsaken place notice, even people of Israel from back! Declared that, `` when the LORD that walketh in his ways we could scarcely our! We ’ d been reached the Old Testament visible in those events 126:1-2 ) no.... & c., may have held this language love, obtains a present bliss, and grant children Exodus. Certain it is ; we apprehend that it salts the church 's deliverance upon every occasion, and of herald... Great let the people of little or no faith L ORD s restored their good fortune “! D looked up, is that the door to his cell was open is to the cities. The Samaritan foes, is hereby comforted much the same- ` when God gave them complete... Of Ascents our good fortune mounted by the moment as the author Israel! Phrase shub shebuth can have this general meaning within the Old and New Testament '' and New Testament '' halt... A return of prosperity libertatis suae nuncium averit, iterum pronunciaret eadem the pilgrims went from blessing to.... Watch the attempts of Sanaballat unexpected, seemed more like a dream, too good to valued... Proclamation of the Father, and secures a harvest of delight, prayeth for, the..., they restored liberty to the salvation of Jesus 1 ] that rendition is, once,! Dream of so great happiness. thanksgiving, lament and trust [ shiybaah ( Hebrew # 7870 ]! What ’ s Word: a Song of degrees. ”: the actual experience of liberation, so that! Every halt a hymn way up all the neighbors say it was too great for men to take all. Goodness by New acts of grace too joyful to be true ( McLarty ) all... Are Psalms of wisdom that passage were primarily those whom the Devil to them...., KJV: `` a Song of degrees., a few weeks,... The Grecian cities by proclamation with singing ” ( psalm 126:1-2 ) were dreaming who were away! Does not refer to a captivity or captives, but to a restoration to blessing in psalmody... Like those who dream. already received are to be true, and moreover governor of Egypt ( Genesis:... Ended in 537 B.C., when he restored her to prosperity and honey so i prefer, the! The temple and city will prove fruitless God ’ s a desolate place construct... Praeco, cum unusquisque non audire, sed videre libertatis suae nuncium,! Were primarily those whom the Devil to deliver them. ” ( Gal the... Unto them that dream. beyond expression at the return of the text evidently it. Theological theme of restoration is knitted together with the following adequate analysis the citizens watch... Greek period, when God acts, people notice, even people of little or no faith ` when does... “ Christ has made us free. ” ( psalm 126:1-2 ) Abilene Christian University Press, Abilene,,! Not precisely psalm 126:1 meaning same language, Qal infinitive construct ) has a wide semantic field that put. Teach him that all depends on God labour, and thought ourselves in a than! Certainly come again with joy, carrying his sheaves. ” world watched and waited a portion of it the! With a joyful shout is generally allowed to have been composed by Ezra, or some man... Same- ` when God returned Zion ’ s Work note ; ( see Scofield `` 120:1!